Launching at ATD 2022:
Rali Change Experience Platform (CxP)

Change How You Change: implement sustained performance improvement.

Rali CxP translates staff interaction into valuable insight, helping you realize a faster time-to- impact and lasting business process improvement.

Most change initiatives fail to deliver intended outcomes.

Successful change initiatives depend on employee adoption of new skills, new mindsets, new enthusiasm for what is possible.

Successful change initiatives depend on employee adoption of new skills, new mindsets, new enthusiasm for what is possible. Rali’s library of CxP Journeys – all immediately available to implement in your company’s plan for continuous improvement.

CxP is built on the time-tested “Learn | Do | Inspire” model to deliver an energizing digital experience and build behavior transformation momentum from within. Your employees take new learning into their day-to-day work, and inspire co-workers with individual improvement results.

CxP from Rali: Change the way you change.

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GET INSPIRED – Meet two Rali CxP best-in-class performance improvement creators: Wendy Ellin and Dr. Robert Sicora. 

Wendy Ellin is a Workplace Productivity Consultant, International Speaker, & #1 Bestselling Author of Working From Home...How's That Working For You? 

Powered by Rali CxP, her 3P Corporate Academy is an investment in simple, street-smart organizational strategies that set the foundation for radical productivity.

Visit Booth 825 to meet Wendy and enter to win a “Mastering how you work” workshop for your company.


Dr. Robert Sicora is the founder and CEO of Sicora Consulting, and a recognized expert in organization development. Author of newly released Grab the Helm: Navigating with Purpose, Robert has helped thousands of leaders and employees chart a path toward greater purpose for themselves and their organizations. 

Powered by Rali CxP, Sicora Consulting’s transformation program Leading from Within builds an employee-led culture of engagement. 

Visit Booth 825 to meet the crew from Sicora Consulting and get your complimentary personal profile: 8 Factors of Engagement.


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A little about Rali:

Rali is a change management platform designed to facilitate organizational change in corporations of any size. Change initiatives could focus on skill development (e.g.: productivity, leadership) or adoption of team culture (e.g.: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Multigenerational Diversity).

Rali’s customers enroll their staff in a highly interactive, highly engaging online change ‘journey’ based on the learning model of “Learn | Do | Inspire” developed by Rali’s founder Larry Mohl. Rali content partners are subject matter experts on various services for training to improve team performance.